Embryonic Stem Cell Research – Pros and Cons

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Stem cell research is a hot topic no matter which side you prefer to take. There are benefits and there are also pitfalls with this type of research, but in order to make an informed decision about your opinion, you will need to know and understand the facts. Below is a pro and con list, most items on the list will have an explanation, though some may not; research is essential, this is a first step towards understanding the issues.


Embryonic stem cell research can help find cures for or prevent issues such as:

Cancer of various different types, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Heart disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Various birth defects, Spinal cord injuries, Organ damage and even transplant rejection.

The reason why it can help with all of these issues, and many more, is that embryonic stem cell research uses the regenerative cells of an embryo which are able to reproduce any other cell in the body. This means that you can easily gather information about how the development can affect various diseases.

Ethical debates have been raging since the idea of stem cell research first crossed scientists minds’, here are a few reasons why it isn’t unethical to perform research on embryonic stem cells:

In the event of an abortion at least some good for the whole of humanity can come of it. Research cannot be done on adult stem cells because they don’t have the share the same aspects as those from an embryo. The good of the research outweighs the bad of the methods.


Nevertheless, there will always be opponents in cutting edge research and many will have compelling points:

Some say it’s an attempt to play God, arguments have been made that it devalues human life, there have also been people who have voiced fears of things such as cloning of humans and too much information about creating unnaturally long life spans.

On the ethical side, many of the arguments are the same as the practical arguments and a lot of religious stigma is involved in most people’s arguments against embryonic stem cell research.

In the end, it is your choice whether you wish to support research of embryonic stem cells. However, with no solid argument against the research it is astounding that so many people still oppose it.

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