Stem Cells And Aging

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The theory on stem cells effects in anti-aging treatments has first been developed in 2005. Back then, researchers from the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Hong Kong found that stem cells may have an important role in preventing the premature aging disorder in humans. Stem cells may have an impressive potential in overcoming a series of deteriorations of the body, as well.


Aging actually is a more serious process than what people usually imagine. It does not only include the visible effects when it comes to wrinkles, but an entire body deterioration is commonly experienced. Body function decreases, skin loses its elasticity and injury heal is much harder to achieve than in childhood. Bones are easier fractured and harder to cure, as well. Lung tissue losses its elasticity and blood vessels commonly accumulate fatty deposits. The body’s capacity to regenerate tissues is decreased. Vulnerability to infection grows, while the immune system’s capacity to fight diseases gets much lower.

Shortly, aging leads to a complex deterioration of the body and its functions. It is a well known fact that the regenerative power of the organism is determined by the ability and potential of the stem cells that exist in that body to replace damaged tissue. However, with age, the number of stem cells present in the individual’s body decrease, so their capacity to replace damaged cells is much lower.


Stem cells are the essential building organisms of the human body. They can divide and renew themselves throughout their lifetime and these cells are the only ones known to be able to repair adult tissue. However, stem cells also age, losing this way their ability to maintain tissues and organs in the body.

Various studies have been made until today on the link between stem cells and aging. Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found last year that putting new or young stem cells into an old environment can be beneficial, although the results may not be that impressive. Researchers also found that there are various ways in which they may reduce the impact that aging has on the human body, through different therapies.


Until now, various studies have tried to show the role that stem cells have in combating the signs of aging. Stem cells may be an important feature in beauty treatments, as well, proving to be extremely effective. Well, until stem cells will really be used on everyday practice we should expect more studies on this subject to be published.

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